Friday, May 6, 2016

peace and happiness...

such a dark picture...  it has been raining on and off for days now.  it is making me feel a bit dull, so i set out this little string of lights i had in my closet.  just for some added light.  and perhaps a bit of magic.  it's been so long since i updated this is surprising how swiftly the weeks are flying by.

i have been straightening and rearranging a bit in my studio.  this morning i gave it a much needed dusting.  you have to clear the dust every once in a while.  in more ways than one.  i snapped a quick photo of the books i am reading right now.  interesting...apparently i am seeking peace and happiness.  not a bad thing to be seeking i guess.  i have begun doing yoga as a way to ease the tension that collects in my shoulders.  i have done yoga before, but not for a long time.  i had forgotten how relaxing and calming it really is.  although, at this point, i would not want to be seen doing yoga, as i am not as flexible as i once was.  but time and practice will help with that.  hopefully.

i picked up this magazine at the bookstore the other day.  an impulse buy.  i was actually looking for something else when my eyes landed on this.  the gilded symbol on the front with "let it go" drew me in closer.  i picked it up and leafed through it for a moment and i was hooked.  i actually haven't read it yet.  i'm waiting for a moment when i can sit back and relax with it for a while.  those type of moments have been scarce lately.  maybe on mothers day?  

my sweet husband surprised me with this envelope last week.  the "bird lady" came to work and gave him these.  the "bird lady" is a bird owner who comes by the Boys & Girls Club to volunteer.  and to donate her spare feathers.  he knows how much i love my feathers.  i love that guy for always thinking about me.

my favorites are the green ones.

other than reading and playing with feathers i have been keeping very busy.  creating new journals and other nice things for my shop...always working on something.  i created a new journal for myself, as my other one is all filled up.  a new style.  i always experiment by making one for myself first.  i like how this turned out.  i think i will be making more like this.

a page with kind of a zen feel to it.

my husband installed this chandelier for me last weekend.  i found it at's all sparkle and crystals and just so pretty hanging in my dining room.  i have wanted one almost forever and i finally made it happen.  why did i wait so long?  

of course, there was a spot on the ceiling from the old light, so I decided to paint the whole ceiling.  that turned out now i want to paint the walls...a nice fresh white.  that is next on my extensive "to do" list.  the china cabinet in the background is getting a good clearing out too and some of those things may find their way into the vintage section of my etsy shop.  as soon as the sun comes out  long enough to take some nice pictures.

other than that i've just been busy with my kids and three upcoming graduations.  three!  it is strange to have three of them heading out into the wide world all at once.  all seeking their own magic...  i'm so proud of each of them.  but, i still have one left to savor and he is doing some great things with his music right now.  i told him he will need to record some of that for me before he leaves in a few short years.  i'm going to need some music when they're all gone.

so...that's it for now.  i just wanted to say hi and i hope you have a peaceful and happy mothers day...