Tuesday, June 24, 2014

no. 668, 669, 670...


no. 671

and for fun, here's a whole flock.

slooooowly getting closer to 1000, which was my original goal when i started this way back when...2011 maybe?  just because.  because it is supposed to be good luck.  and i don't know about you, but i can always use some good luck. 

oh, isn't our forest lush and green?  it has rained so much, it's getting quite jungle-y back there.  think mosquitoes and lots of them.  i took just a few minutes to snap these pictures and i almost got eaten alive.  really.

hope you are enjoying your summer so far...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

go barefoot in the rain more...

the other day i found myself unexpectedly alone.  that doesn't happen too often these days, now that school is out.  i pondered my possible activities for a few minutes.  it was such a beautiful, sunny day.  and we have a new umbrella for our deck - something i've wanted for a while, but it was never quite in the budget (never mind that it has a large pepsi logo on it - it was practically free).  so i gathered up some supplies and a large icy drink and my journal with just a few pages left.  i spent three blissful hours out there.  writing.  splashing paint around.  thinking.  enjoying the warmth and the shade from my umbrella simultaneously.
  and i thought...
i should do this more.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

long time, no see...

hi there!  my goodness, it's been awhile hasn't it?  this time of year is always so busy...with the end of school festivities and getting ready for summer.  plus, i was surprised with some unexpected visitors.  my mom-in-law and my mom made the trip south together and stayed a week and that was so much fun.  my mom has never been down here for a visit and it gave me such joy to show her around our beautiful city and our home.  i set up her bed in my studio so she could be surrounded by all of my art and creative endeavors.

it's cloudy and humid here today with rain and thunderstorms threatening.  we've had such storms lately!  here's a nice stormy spread.  i thought it was a good day to work on a new journal...one just for me.  i'm nearly to the end of this one which i've had for about a year. 

i took some time to flip through the pages that are filled with the meanderings of my soul, along with favorite quotes and poetry, pictures i've taken, treasured scraps of paper and little flowers and feathers carefully sewn in.  just looking at the messy, painty, pasted pages...well, it really makes my heart so happy.

my new one is going to be different, but just as wonderful.  a nice fat journal using a piece of my favorite leather.  i have the pages torn and ready and a little pocket sewn to the last page (for keeping all of my bits for collage).  i'm just thinking about the cover a bit.  maybe something like this one...with the contrasting thread and a nice wide closure.

or maybe more like this...with the strap a bit thinner and woven into the cover.  this one has a bookmark too, which is handy.

but, no matter how it turns out, the most important thing is what goes inside it.  i'm not big on spilling all of my deepest secrets onto the pages.  i kind of like to write in code or paint what i'm feeling.  that makes it feel kind of magical to me.  like secret messages to myself and only i can decipher them.

i hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer so far.  the world is really so beautiful right now.  don't forget to take some time to go outside and soak in some sun, smell some flowers, talk to the bees...that sort of thing.  i'll see you soon...