Tuesday, October 26, 2010

like a box of chocolates...

...only better, because this one is not going to give me a migraine! While I was out and about this morning, waiting for a violin repair, I found an antique shop I've never been in before...I found this great jewelry box lined in pink velvet and satin, which I could never pass up and while I was paying for it I noticed a big baggie of buttons - the bag was really grungy, I could hardly see through it, but it was a cheap bag of buttons, so I added it to my purchase. When I got home, I dumped out the buttons and as I sorted through them, I got pretty excited, this was a really great bag of buttons. Lots of mother of pearl (my favorite) and some cool white ones and some nifty milky glass ones and a few really awesome metal ones... And the moral of this story, never pass up a dirty old bag of buttons.

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