Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pandora's box...a short story for you...

She had been searching for weeks, when one day her eyes fell upon the unassuming brown box on her shelf. She took it down and opened it. Ah, yes - how could she have forgotten where it was? She took out the scrap of paper that was inside and carefully tucked it into her shirt, close to her heart. Instantly, a strange feeling spread throughout her body, a lightness of sorts. She then reached into her pocket and drew out a small scrap of paper that she had been carrying with her for quite some time. Without a second glance, she tossed this scrap into the box and quickly shut it. She found a ball of string and wound it around the box many, many times, making a tight knot underneath.

She carried the box to her closet and placed it high on a shelf, where it would not be found. She turned out the light and closed the door. She smiled.

It was only later that I found out, it was fear that she had tied up in the box and put in her dark closet...

...and courage that she took out and placed next to her heart.

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