Sunday, July 31, 2011

a rainy ending...

it's a really rainy day. the kind i love, because i can put on my striped socks and just hang around watching dvd's and reading. the perfect end to our "staycation" (which is a trendy word for staying home for vacation) and that is why you haven't heard from me all week. when the rain slowed some, i slipped outside to get some pictures. i spent quite a bit of time trying to capture the single raindrop. i like how the spiderwebs make the raindrops look magical. i even spied a little spider in one, doing whatever it is that spiders do on rainy days...

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty; we had rain today, too. I was thrilled!
    It has danced around us for days, threatening, but not a drop! The earth, birds, frogs and bugs seem very happy~ I love the diamond dew on spider webs and the jeweled look on flowers n' petals~

    Hope your staycation was wonderful~

    Here are some of my rainy photos~