Monday, October 31, 2011

taking a deep breath or two...

i put my shop in vacation mode this morning, packed up all my stuff and sent it can find it at the Holly Daze 2011 34th Annual Show in Roanoke, VA this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  as i was packing, i snapped a few pictures of some books that i hadn't previously listed in my shop.  the last book i put in was the black one - finished at the last moment - something i've been wanting to try - all black - soft black leather, black paper, black tie.  i made a little sample page that i tucked in the front - the black paper looks awesome with prismacolor colored pencils and gel pens look pretty cool too, especially the white.  i've been completely focused this last few weeks on making things for this show and now that i'm done, i've taken exactly two deep breaths and i'm back to work.  there are wumpies to be made for christmas and new styles of books and collages to be created... 

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  1. It is stunning! I hope you have a wonderful time and sell tons!~ Good Luck...I want to hear all about it. We are having a Holly Days here at our local high school~ Keeping my fingers crossed for you~ ATB

    Happy Halloween!