Saturday, December 17, 2011

seeking peace...

lots of big sales this weekend.  but i'm staying in.  i'm turning off the tv.  with all the blaring commercials.  about how there's still time.  to buy more gifts.  you can shop until 1 am or all night long if you wish.  not for me.  i'm seeking peace.  and i'm pretty sure i won't find it at a store.  i'm making little gifts out of leather for my nieces and nephews.  i'm finding time to splash some paint in my journal.  i'm thinking about hot cocoa.  with little tiny marshmallows.  and hanging out with my kids.  watching Transformers and Water For Elephants.  eating homemade pizza.  yes, this is where my kind of peace is.  if you're seeking peace, i hope you find yours too...


  1. We made homemade pizza last night, yummy~ I love hot chocolate, comfort in a cup! enJOY your movie night and your time with your family! Sounds warm n' wonderful!

  2. I love the colors swished in your beautiful! :D

  3. Sounds like my kind of peace too! Happy new year x