Thursday, February 21, 2013

page by page...

working on my book, page by page...

 i like to go a little at a time.  i want each page to be special.

lots of fun pockets for tucking little baby treasures.  i tucked in a few treasures that can be replaced.

and envelopes.  

lace sewn on edges and doilies sewn directly to the pages.  the stitching on the back becomes decorative also.

little tabs for finding a special page.

 gorgeous silks and fabrics.  this is part of an antique wedding dress i inherited.  pieces of it have found their way into several of my books.

i'm really falling in love with this book!  once all the pages are done, i will go back and add small details.
  think pearls, buttons, and charms.

more pics soon...

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