Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the finished book...

i finally finished my big book.  i'm so happy with how it turned out.  it was hard to let this one go.

it's been a bit overcast, it was hard to get pictures.

i just love how the lace spills over.

and the sparkly crystal bookmark.

i added a little lace to the back as well.

the binding took awhile, but i eventually arrived at my perfectionist standards.  it's big and fat, measuring in at just over 2 inches thick, and weighing almost 3 lbs.  it's been a fun project.  I got to try out some new ideas.  and i'm still feeling very inspired.  my eyes keep landing on this pile of tea stained paper and fabric and lace on my table, all in lovely soft shades of the various teas that kept me warm this winter.  hmmm...


  1. Gorgeous! I love lace spilling over and out~
    How fabulous

  2. Vicki, this turned out absolutely beautiful. How talented you are. Love it!


  3. just breath taking and so beautiful!