Friday, September 27, 2013

and i wrote...

i wrote this morning.

 i wrote until all that was left was little nubs of dusty chalk that my fingertips could barely hang on to and my nails made that wretched, awful noise on the chalkboard.  and that made me cringe each time.

i wrote until i had the entire door filled up.

i love this poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  you can find the whole thing here.  i have it in a sweet little book that i came across this morning while i was cleaning out my studio.  my chalkboard has been blank for a while, so i decided to write parts of it out.  a little inspiration for the next few weeks...


  1. the little bits I can see of your house are so cute and tidy! :D Love that poem...

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful poet and poem~ I love this idea. I long for my own creative nook :D

  3. Carolynn - thank you..tidy for now! i should take more pictures before it gets messy again.
    Ellen - thanks. yes, i am so lucky. in our house before this i had a tiny table in the damp dark was scary. i really love this space and i am so thankful to have it.

  4. one of my favourite and most prized books. thank you for reminding me, vicki. i have written this out in my journal before over and over again... xx