Monday, October 14, 2013

it rained...

 it rained all weekend in my little part of the world.  a drizzly, dreary, dark cloud kind of rain.  

i didn't feel much like working.  and so i didn't.

instead, i took out this journal.  the one with the beautiful handmade paper.  the one i bought for myself with birthday money several months ago.  the one i hadn't even made the tiniest scribble in yet.

and i got out my little glue stick.  

and a needle and some thread. 

and all of my favorite scraps that i have been saving...

...for a rainy day.

and i ripped and stitched and pasted for two whole days.

because after all,

that is what rainy days are for.


  1. what a delight! it's an art piece in itself. rainy days are so comforting and cosy. all you need is yourself. xox

  2. YOU found comfort in the gathered and worn~ I love this all that is missing is the Hot Chocolate ;D So pretty!!!

  3. thank you...i'm actually looking forward to another rainy day : )

  4. Love seeing what you do with your book.... that's khadi paper inside isn't it?

  5. thanks's actually lokta paper. i love it - it's a beautiful color and it's very strong (good for the stitched bits) : )