Tuesday, November 19, 2013


i love tiny little things, don't you.  i've been making these little envelopes for a long time.  i like to use all of the parts of the vintage books that i chop up.  sometimes i use them in my books.  sometimes i package up a few to give away with a purchase.  they're tiny.  and cute. and so useful...

they look cute attached to a package.
they are good for leaving on someones pillow.
or tucking into their lunch.
i think it would be fun to write something nice and leave it someplace random for a stranger to discover.  to brighten their day.
they are good for keeping lost buttons.  until you have a chance to sew them back on.
you can fit little surprises into them.  like chocolate.

i've put a few sets of these into my shop.  
in case you like any of my ideas.
or maybe you have an idea of your own...


  1. always nice to stop by your blog Vicki! such a calm contemplative treat :) and your childrens bedrooms turned out so well! and I love the rain too!

  2. Lovely to collect snippets! A fun idea~