Friday, February 7, 2014

on the table...

it's been a quiet week.  i'm recovering from a nasty flu virus that left me feeling weak.  weak, but not uninspired.  i slept for two entire days, leaving me plenty of time to dream.  

and that is what i did.  i dreamed.  about lovely ideas for a new lace book i am working on.  i dreamed about piles of lace and stacks of beautiful handmade paper that arrived in the mail this week.

and as soon as i was able to, i sat down at my table and starting sorting through all of my lovely bits of beautiful.  i worked on pages a little at a time, going back and back and back again to add something else.

until it started to take shape and resemble a book.

i always love how it looks in progress...the way the lace spills out.  oh, and the light today...the light coming through my window and shining rays of beautiful all around's perfect.

i hope you are all well.


  1. Light and lace spilling sounds like a lovely dream! I am happy you are feeling better. I too have been sick-same as you, not uninspired just worn down.
    I bet this project picked up your is gorgeous!

  2. so beautiful :)

    glad you are feeling better.

    sometimes creating things just feels so organic, does it not? :)

  3. Looking gorgeous Vicki! Perhaps the little flu was meant to be so you could think up this lovely book. Be strong! :) x

  4. Oooh, this is looking beautiful....
    I do hope you're now fully recovered - those viruses really knock the stuffing out of you!
    Take care and keep dreaming of beautiful books :)
    xxgentle hugsxx