Friday, March 14, 2014

perfectly imperfect...

my mom saw my last post and called me...she said that post sounded depressed and she was worried about me.  which is nice, cause i know she cares.  i think most moms do still worry about their kids, even when they are all grown up.  at this point in my life i have realized that the worry part is never going to go away.

and i'm fine.  i'm just plugging away here, one day at a time.  i managed to finish a few of the unfinished projects in the stack that i lamented about in my last post.  and that made me happy.  and the taxes are done and the fafsas are filled out.  and the laundry...well...there will always be laundry.  i think i have finally disinfected all of the sickness out of our house.  my baby (my 13 year old baby that is) broke his leg two weeks ago and finally he seems to be adjusting.  he went on a band field trip today.  and yes, i am worried about him.  

  which brings me to the title of this post.  perfectly imperfect.  all morning that phrase was caught in my head...perfectly imperfect.  when i think about it, that is really how i live and create.  i do not believe that everything has to be perfect all the time.  or ever.  goodness, if that was the case, all of my furniture would have to be replaced!  and i really do love most of my mismatched, chippy furniture...each piece has its own story.  and most of my art is created from something imperfect, like the above collages.  if you look at things a certain way, imperfection can be so beautiful.  so...i'm not sad because life is not going perfectly.  i'm happy at the perfect imperfectness of it all. 


  1. A wonderful view-I too love the details of old things and not matching. Chippy dippy works for me :D

    I hope you son is doing better! Yes, mothers are like that-always-lol!

  2. love the way you look at the "perfect imperfect"

    and hope you enjoy the beautiful snow :)