Monday, August 25, 2014

little rainbows...

i found this string in my closet this morning.

and i've been making little rainbows with it.  my kiddos went back to school today.  it was dark when they left and the night bugs were still making their music.

the house is quiet and dull.  even the dog seems a bit droopy.  i wrote them each a little note telling them i am proud of them.  they got up on time.  they made it out the door.  they remembered their pencils and notebooks.  i am going to do that more.  celebrate the small moments that make up each day.

vacation was nice.  we visited a lake with calm, green water and a beautiful forest all around.

i got rowed around by two very handsome young men.

we visited another lake, this one with clear, blue water and magical houses stacked up by the pier.  my daughter and i debated about which one we would like to live in.  

the water was very cold.  or so i was told.

i snapped one with all three smiling.  not an easy feat.  although it seems incomplete.  our college girl had to stay behind and work and we really missed her.

seems like the rest of the summer flew by once we got home.  i think that happens when you're having fun.

but, autumn can be so lovely too...

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