Thursday, October 30, 2014

for a friend...

my friend ellen asked me to make her a little book.  small, without a cover, a mix of handmade paper and artist paper...the rest is up to you, she said.  there's something kind of nice about being given artistic freedom like that...

so, i thought on it for a few days, changed my mind several times and this is what i decided on.  i really like the natural and rough edges.  

i also like that it has no cover...the handmade paper is so beautiful, it needs to be seen. 

the simple coptic binding makes it open nice and flat so she will be able to write in it easily.  the tattered piece of silk was an needed just that one little thing to make it shine.

i think i am in love with this little book.  and i hope she likes it too...

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, it is beautiful! I love the open expression of it-in invites one to write from the heart! Thank you for going with your heart on this project-you captivated mine~ I love this book!