Tuesday, February 3, 2015

air of intoxicating lightness...

air of intoxicating lightness...  i cut that line out of an old book and pasted it in my journal.  it sounds just so lovely and i'm sure i experienced this today.  it's kind of like...an early morning air, crisp and cold, the sun just awakening, setting the tops of the bare winter trees aglow in a golden pink color, the world is quiet except for the birds and the air is so very perfect.  do you know what i'm talking about?  have you ever experienced this?  i hope so because it's the kind of thing that fills your soul with peace.  

in the background a tiny little copper bowl.  a beautifully handcrafted piece of art that i found here.  i am a fan of her work, her philosophy.  "be still" it says.  a reminder to stop and appreciate the abundant beauty of my tiny little piece of the world.

january has flown by for me and i am just now settling back into my routine of creating.  it's been a long time since i said hello...so...hello.  i hope your year has started off nicely...

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  1. Hello, Vicki!
    Yes, I know this morning charm of golden pink thoughts-it is lovely and as you shared intoxicating.

    My son is visiting with his puppy, Wade. I am trying to let my heart be still. I miss my hound, but find this furry cherub is making my heart smile.

    A lovely post-thank you~