Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ida's book...

some of my new lace stash which i mentioned in my last post.  i always like to get a few pictures before i start using it...or as my daughter says "before i chop it up".  it's a very pretty pile, i think.  the pearls are gorgeous....a nice antique color and four strands of heavy glass beads with a knot between each.  i usually buy broken necklaces, but this one is fully intact, clasp and all.  it will be difficult for me to chop this up, bu i most likely will at some point.  

this little book is a true treasure.  it belonged to Ida from Maine.  in it, there are pages and pages of autographs from 1877 to 1899.  i'm amazed she kept it going for 22 years.

i love the swirly bird pages.  there are several throughout the book.

the signers usually incorporated their name and date somewhere in the bird design.

i love the faded and sometimes imperfect sepia ink.  if you made a mistake, you just had to go with it.  handwriting was so beautiful then...a work of art many times.  each person has written dear Ida sweet notes.  some are quite poetic.

others are a little funny.  this one says - "Autograph writing is hard and tough, i will write my name and that's enough." 

and on the last page, this one says, " Last in your album and last in your thought, last to be remembered, first to be forgot."

each and every page is just so amazing.  now i have to decide what to do with it.  i used to buy these treasures and tuck them away, maybe admire them once in a while and sometimes forget about them altogether.  but i don't do that so much anymore.  instead of just "collecting", i try to use my finds.  in fact, my new motto is to only purchase treasures that i will use.  besides, treasures lose their magic when they are tucked away.  so, i will take it apart and use the pages to create new magic.  some may end up in my collages.  others in one of my fat lace/ephemera books.  perhaps, share a few.
i think Ida would really like that...

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