Thursday, August 6, 2015

kantha book...

as soon as i saw this piece of kantha quilt, i thought...for a book.  it's hand stitched, which is really my thing right now, so i bought it and it was waiting for me when i returned from my road trips.

as soon as i had some free time, i pulled it out and started to work on it.  since kantha quilts are traditionally made by the women of India, i paired it with some handmade paper from India that i had in my stash.  

i like the rough nature of it.  the raw quilt edges and the rough paper.  imperfect, yet beautiful.  this one is for sale in my shop, but i might make another one for myself.  i'm almost at the end of my present journal and since i like to stitch in my journals, this one would be perfect.  

i thought i would have a break from driving for a few days, but i am being driven all around town.  practice some of the teens can get their license.  although they have all waited to get their license, i find this to be a rather stressful process.  also, this is my last day of having 4 teenagers.  as of tomorrow, i will have 3 teenagers and one 20 year old.  this is all affecting me more than i thought it would.  change is often hard and i've never been very good at it.  yet, change is inevitable.  and necessary.  and it's going to happen regardless, so...nothing more to say except this...

"The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday."
-Steve Maraboli-

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  1. How lovely! I love the journal and the quote~ I am still learning this lesson!
    I hope all is well in your world~