Friday, October 2, 2015


it's raining again.  oh, no, it's raining again...  isn't that a song?  it has been coming down in drops and drizzles.  a plip-plop, a pitter-patter and then a pour.  a splash and a sprinkle.  but i wouldn't say a deluge or a torrent or a flood.  the kids had a "rain day" today, which just means that school was cancelled.  for rain?  i'm not going to say much about that in case i jinx myself and wind up needing an ark.  but really.  it's just rain.  they are thrilled of unexpected day off.  a chance to catch up on much needed rest.  i don't blame them for being happy and i got to sleep a little longer too.   

the bulb in my overhead light went out and my shopping day is tomorrow.  i'm not the type of person to run out to buy one thing.  especially in the rain.  so i'm sitting close to the window, trying to catch some light for some very tiny stitching.  with golden thread.  on leather.  again.  ouch.

  i have such ideas floating about my head right now.  i'm feeling deeply inspired.  i'm not exactly sure why.  maybe cause it's fall.  and i do love the fall...cooler days and pretty leaves and smoky smells in the air.  or maybe it's all this rain.  regardless, i'm really happy about it.  

i have a nice stack of books to keep me going for the weekend in case my fingers need a rest from stitching.  this one about pie is a good read.  and rainy days do lend themselves to pie making.  and pie eating.  don't you think?

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