Monday, November 16, 2009

I do believe in fairies...

This magical door mysteriously appeared at the base of one of our trees this morning. There is a little path made of twigs leading up to it and the ground sparkles with silver fairy dust.

A favorite tree. The kids call it a "fairy tree" because of all the interesting nooks, where fairies might reside.

A doll that I am working on.
I don't know about you, but fairies have always been a fascination for myself and my children. When my kids were tiny we would make a fairy garden every year. In a wood box, we would plant flowers and set up an elaborate "fairy village" using all sorts of natural items. Sometimes the fairies would even leave little gifts. We own quite a few fairy books and even though the kids are getting older, I still see them laying about the house from time to time. I myself, like to make fairy dolls, houses and fairy inspired treasures.
In our house we have always believed in all things magical. I think it has encouraged my kids to use their imaginations and to maintain a sense of goodness in this sometimes harsh world. My wish for them is that they never lose this magic and that they will share this with their children someday.
Have a wonderful day!

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