Tuesday, February 8, 2011

life marches on...whether you're ready or not

So Cassidy turned 15 and 1/2 yesterday, which means she can get her driver's permit. And that's exactly what she did. She burst in the door at 3:05 and yelled, "Mom, are you ready?" Well - no - of course I'm not ready. My baby, driving? I think I may be a bad mother. I've raised all my kids with the intention of them being independent someday, but everytime they take a step towards that independence - well - the crack in my heart gets a little bit bigger. I know, I know...it's part of the natural progression of life and all that stuff. Like Cassidy asked me, "Well, Mom, do we want me to live with you forever?" No, no, of course not. But what's the big rush? I mean, does she realize when she's on her own, she will have to do her own laundry?

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