Thursday, February 24, 2011

a really cool artist...

I have been admiring the work of a really cool artist lately and I thought I would share some of his work with you. I'm a bit biased because I am his mother, but still, he's a really cool guy...all the girls think so...must be all that hair or something. He's been creating since about age two...on that fateful day that I first trusted him with a crayon and he turned out to be not too trustworthy and I spent the next few years scrubbing crayon off of walls and furniture and that was before they made those really cool Mr. Clean sponges that get crayon off easily...He mostly works in miniatures. All of his early drawings are tiny, tiny and so detailed. He is a "use what you have" kind of guy, which means he makes all of his creations using found objects and things we have lying about the house. He likes weapons and he has made some interesting ones out of skewers and tape and bits of this and that and one with one of my sewing needles that stuck in his brother's butt and got him into big trouble. But all artists are a bit rebellious. He likes to transform paper into wonderful little works of art. His little tiny painted air soft pellets are exquisite. All in all, I think he is a pretty talented fella. I'm sure he will be quite embarrassed by this post, but he will probably never see it. It's not that cool for a teenager to be reading Mom's blog.

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