Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's the little things...

my husband is a busy guy.  he works a lot of hours and often has to attend meetings that keep him out well past dinner time.  a lot of his meetings include dinner.  some really nice dinners.  he is also a thoughtful guy.  often he will bring me back something - sometimes a cupcake or some other delicious dessert.  a kind of peace offering.  because, he says, when he works late, i work late.  last night, after one of his dinner meetings, he brought me this little tiny loaf of rustic bread wrapped up in brown paper.  so cute.  for my breakfast, he said.  so, when everyone left this morning, i went to my little corner in the kitchen, the one that looks out over our backyard forest, where i watch the birds and squirrels flit back and forth, where i can sit in silence and contemplate life.  i tore into my tiny loaf of bread and poured myself a little, tiny cup of coffee to go with it.  and it was good.  so, so good.  right down to the very last crumb.  thanks honey.


  1. What a sweet offering from your sweetheart!
    The bread looks as wonderful,as the sentiment : )