Wednesday, February 29, 2012

that place...

i am experiencing some deep book love right now.  this last couple of months, i've been working on some new books that i am just in love with.  i've been making books for about three years.  i started making books, because i love books.  all kinds of books.  but blank books are my favorite because they hold such possibility.  so i set about and learned how to make them.  my first books were very simple.  and nice.  but i had other ideas in my head.  so i read some books about book making.  then i practiced and messed up.  and read some more and practiced and messed up and practiced some more.  oh, and did i mention, messed up.  a lot.    

but lately, i feel like i have arrived at that place.  you know that place.  that place where you feel comfortable.  that place where you feel like you belong.  that place where you love to go every day.  it's a good place to be.  and i think i will stay for a while.


  1. i haven't arrived at that place yet, but i can certainly appreciate the beauty created by those who live there...
    i just want to hold/smell/leaf through these scrummy books... :)

  2. I love books and I love how your persisted, till you felt in the right place, comfortable! I want to be in this place, not there yet...
    Happy for YOU!

  3. thank you...believe me, i've had many moments of doubt and frustration along the way and i'm sure there will be more ahead. right now though, i'm in a good place and i'm feeling so grateful for that :)