Wednesday, December 5, 2012

no. 488 and 489...and how the pizza guy inspired me to keep going...

i know...i haven't updated you on my crane folding status since May.  you probably thought that i had given up.  but, once i get an idea, i don't give it up too easily.  i was just taking a break.

my daughter requested these teeny, tiny earrings the other day.  to give to her friend as a birthday gift. so, being the mom that i am, even though i was getting ready for my show, i stopped and made them for her.  those tiny ones are hard to fold!   and then my other daughter spotted my bag of  "excess" cranes in the closet and she thought it would be pretty cool to have a "crane tree".  well, yeah.  so, even though we had already decorated our tree, we took everything off and turned it into a "crane tree", with book page cranes and crocheted snowflakes and sparkly silver stars and glittery pinecones.  and white lights.  lots of white lights.  my sons hate it, but us girls, we love it.  of course these were all previously folded cranes.  i still hadn't planned to start folding again.

and then we ordered pizza.  pizza guys usually just show up with your pizza, collect their tip and head out.  but as soon as this pizza guy stepped in my foyer his eyes lit up.  "whoa", he said, "did you make that?"  well, i've made pretty much everything in my house, so i had to turn around and see which thing he was talking about.  he was looking at my "crane hanger", which is actually just an embroidery hoop onto which i've strung a few hundred of my cranes.  all in neat rows, color coded.  because that's how i am.  "that is so beautiful", he said, "just so beautiful".  he went on and on about it for a few minutes.  i was a little stunned or i might of thought to give him some cranes.  next time.  of course, my daughter said that wasn't all he was looking at.  but really, i'm practically an old lady and he couldn't have been more than 25.  so yeah, i think he really did like the cranes.  anyway, that kind of sparked something in me and now i'm back to folding.  working towards my goal of 1000.  because it's nice to inspire people, pizza guys included.

and i know this isn't a great picture, but this "crane hanger" is big and hard to photograph.  so, just trust me, it's cool.  and beautiful.

so, my craft fair went well.  it was the best one i ever did (even though i've only done 5).  it was well organized, decorated nicely and it was busy.  there's nothing worse than not being busy, when you've spent weeks preparing.  so, i sold quite a few books, met some nice people and had a lot of fun.  it's given me a boost of confidence in the right direction.  and i'm really glad i did it, despite my anxiety.  and now i guess it's time to think about Christmas shopping and all that stuff.  i plan on doing some shopping on Etsy this year.  i think my family might be getting tired of my stuff, so it's time to support some other artists out there.  i hope to share some of my finds with you soon.  any ideas?


  1. How lovely! So cool about the Pizza Guy~ :D
    You are cute~
    Happy it went so well!

  2. so glad your shpw went well! and I laughed and laughed about the pizza guy :) admiring more than just the cranes! great to stop by for a smile, thank you Vicki