Friday, November 30, 2012

craft fair time!!!

i've spent the last few weeks getting ready for this.  it's exciting.  but also a bit scary.  i have to make myself do these things once in a while.  you know, step out of my comfort zone.  it's good for me.  even though i might rather be home in my cozy little studio.  i'll probably have fun.

i've been working hard.

on some new designs.

and some old favorites.

and some one-of-a-kinds.

which are my favorites.

and maybe they will become someone else's favorite.  so, i've attached the last price tag.  checked my list 129 times.  it's all packed and ready to go.  except...

...ah, here it is.  just what i needed. 


  1. It is engraved on your artist's heart! We all have to find the courage to move forward! You had it all along, like those Ruby Red
    I just did something brave, too!
    I'm tossing virtual confetti at you...I so hope you sell out~ ATB @>----------

  2. Ellen - you're the best! That is such a nice thing to say :) My daughter and I set up yesterday afternoon. It looks good. Now I'm excited!!!