Wednesday, January 9, 2013

behind the iron gates...

of course, no trip to NY is complete without a stop at my favorite antique store, Behind the Iron Gates.  i really can't relax until i've been there and despite the snow, i managed to drive myself and a few of my kids there.  always such interesting treasures to be found...

i always find a few crusty books to add my stash and this one truly surpassed all other finds.  ever.  dusty and crumbling, the covers falling off, but filled with such wonderfulness, i nearly burst with excitement when i peeked inside.  it's a scrapbook of sorts, with an inscription on the the inside cover which says, Given to Joyce A. Hughes by Aunt Tillie Hughes, Summer 1945.

the first 10 pages or so have interesting and colorful Victorian ephemera glued in, like this merit award.  the back of one page with Christmas cards is signed, Matie P. Hughes, Christmas 1885.  the old handwriting is so gorgeous.  i so wish i could write like that.

i love this little card with braille on it.  what do you think it says?

i nearly fainted when i turned to the back and found this large page of braille.  as i run my fingers over it, i am in awe at how someone can read this.

the most beautiful page in the book is this one, the picture really does it no justice.  according to the inscription at the top, it is a collection of California Moss brought from California by Mr and Mrs. George Hughes in 1888.  i may frame this one for my studio.  the colors are still so pretty, despite the fact it is over 100 years old.

one of the rooms has an old dresser with three drawers.  each drawer is stuffed to overflowing with all kinds of jewelry.  it's always the first room i visit.  this may sound strange, but i sometimes dream about these drawers.  and they are such good dreams!  i like to reach my hand in all the way to the bottom and grab handful after handful, until i've accumulated a nice selection.  i found a couple of strands of pearls, nice heavy glass pearls in two different shades.  my daughter found this stunning mother of pearl cameo necklace.  she's got a good eye.

there's always an abundance of rhinestones.  we all need some glitz from time to time.  i love the aurora borealis earrings.

these earrings aren't my usual style.  kind of 80's i think.  but all those rhinestones and little gold stars.  i've got some plans for these....

i always make sure i leave with a nice pile of lace.  i like to use it in some of my work.  i usually stick to the $1 to $2 dollar range but...

...i had to splurge on this piece.  it's actually a really long scarf.  very old and so gorgeous.

so, i hope you enjoyed my finds.  i am greatly inspired by these treasures and most of them will find their way into my creations eventually.  and maybe by giving them new life, they will inspire someone else...perhaps you?  


  1. Wow! How lucky to find such treasures!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I have ideas whirling in my head know for a poems...

  2. wow, indeed!! what treasures you found!! can't wait to see what you create with them...
    and thank you so much for stopping by today, and leaving a lovely comment :o)
    enjoy your wednesday!

  3. Love your finds! You have a talent for finding beauty.

  4. How lovely! I so hope to go someday..I love the name and all that gorgeous items you found~ Thank you for sharing :D
    Magic now will come in the making!