Saturday, April 6, 2013

how do i love thee...

today marks our 22nd wedding anniversary.  22 years!  i can hardly believe it, it went by in a blink.  we live pretty simple lives, we always have.  living simple has been a conscious decision that i really believe is the key to our happiness.  we've kept to that philosophy and planned a nice quiet dinner out tonight.  but i did take some time this morning to reflect on these past years and to remember why i really love my guy...  

i love how he has always gone above and beyond to support our little family.  when we had our first baby and i decided to ditch my job the day before i was to return to work, he not only supported my decision, he did what he had to do to make it work, sometimes working two jobs.  it was hard, but he never wavered.

i'm happy that now we have gotten to the...hmmm...i'll say "more challenging" teen years, he only has to work one job.  i love that he is such a great dad and that he is really there for them. 

i love how he has always encouraged me to spread my wings and be the person he knows that i am.

i love how he has always said that i should do what i love to do, never mind about the money, because my happiness means so much more than that.

i love how he comes home after a long day of work and steps right up to the counter to help me finish making dinner.  he does that all the time and i really appreciate it.

i love how he takes care of all the lawn chores and house maintenance and fixing things, like plumbing and broken appliances, and after all that he cleans the bathroom, because he knows that is my least favorite job.

i love how he plays scrabble with me every friday night, even though i usually win.

i love how he has made the time recently to take a walk with me almost every morning.

i love how he treats me so special, that i feel like a princess.  all the time.

i love that he has been consistent in his love and firm in his commitment to me all these years.  we've stuck together in the hard times and shared our happiness in the easy times.  he's a really good guy and i'm so lucky to have him. i'm looking forward to the next 22 years and all that our future will bring...


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both~
    What a lovely touching post!
    I am happy for you both :D

  2. I love how you guys showed me what true love is back when I doubted that kind of love existed. Thank you both for being such a great example for me to reference in my own life. I talk about you guys all the time. I hope you had a fantastic anniversary :-)

  3. Kristle, that has to be the nicest compliment ever : ) We talk about you all the time are an exceptional young woman. We're so proud of you!