Friday, April 19, 2013

random thoughts...

so, this is kind of random but...i was making a little wedding bell for a customer and that made me think of a conversation that i had with my husband recently.  as you know, a couple of posts back, we celebrated our 22nd anniversary.  a beautiful spring wedding it was.   the weather was really lovely that day, sunny and warm, which was like a gift from mother nature because the day before and the day after it snowed.  central new york weather is often unpredictable.

but really, i had always wanted a fall wedding.  i pictured a warm sunny day, not unlike our spring wedding, only with that beautiful fall foliage in the background.  new york state in the fall is so beautiful.  but at the time, fall did not work out for us.  so april it was.  it's no big deal.  we're married.

which brings me to our conversation.  i know.  finally right?  we got to talking about how we might like to renew our wedding vows someday.  maybe for our 25th.  sounds like a romantic thing to do.  and as we mulled over the details a bit, just for fun, because we have a few years to go after all, my husband suggested a fall wedding.  then we'll have two anniversaries he said.  to which my son replied, "you can't do that.  you can't just change the date of your wedding."  which immediately made me my brain swirl a bit.  yeah.  my fall wedding.  two anniversaries.  aaannnnnd the best part...someone says i can't do that.  a challenge.  i thrive on challenge.  it's so me.

so 2016.  a fall wedding.  hope you can make it.


  1. how perfect, how beautiful! and you have the perfect husband who agrees and thinks the same way as you - now that is just brilliant :)

  2. What a delightful challenge. I love the wedding bell you made.

  3. Gorgeous bell and I too wanted a fall wedding! I was married in December...not my dream.

    I love how sweet you two are together~

  4. I have to encourage you to do this - I got married in October, and it was beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Annette - thank you...i'm lucky to have him : )

    Susie, thanks. i have always enjoyed a challenge.

    Ellen - thank you. December - brrrr. i have all those december birthdays, so that would not work out!

    JJ - thanks. i've been thinking about you - i hope you are well : )