Wednesday, January 8, 2014


as usual, i'm always a bit behind...but i just wanted to say happy new year.  i hope your holidays were magical and that your new year has started off well.  

i'm always shocked at how quickly each year passes, but when i think back, i realize that it sometimes drags along rather slowly when i am in the thick of things (mainly things i don't want to do).  although we didn't travel this year, it was a nice few weeks of vacation in which i did zero work for my shop...a much needed break.  instead, there was a lot of cooking and baking and wrapping and after all of the mad holiday rush, i finally gave in and plunked myself down on the couch with my journal and scribbled and painted and pasted away happily for a few days.

we had several birthdays over the last month (3 of the kids and hubby) to add to our holiday magic and i am now officially the mother of 4 teenagers!  jokingly, i have been asking if there is some sort of prize for that.  i do think that one whole day without any drama might be a nice sort of reward.  or maybe a lock for my bathroom (why do they like mine so much better than theirs?)  or perhaps a cash prize to help offset the cost of all of the groceries they consume daily : )  but, as my daughter says, my prize is them.  and yes, that is true.  i am grateful for each one of them.  

so, anyways, happy new year and i hope this is the year that you make all of your dreams come true.

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  1. so beautiful! and funny :)
    glad you have a very wise daughter
    may all your wishes come true this year Vicki, and new wishes be born
    Annette xx