Friday, January 17, 2014


1.  to bend or rearrange.
2.  to make compact by bending over parts.
3.  to bring from an extended to a closed position.

i've been a little obsessed with these folded creations lately.  with the christmas decorations put away, the house was feeling a bit bare.  i rarely spend money on home decor.  i really like to repurpose what i have on hand.  while i was folding laundry in my cellar one day, this pile of books caught my eye.  i had some directions that i tore from a magazine years ago.  i had kept it all this time because i knew i would try it eventually.  so, i've been folding, folding, folding for about a week now and i finally have enough to fill my entire mantel and a small table in my foyer.  i think i'm done.  for now.