Thursday, April 10, 2014

a little instruction manual for growing wings...

the teen years are challenging.  especially for girls.  sometimes they need guidance.  from someone who has been through it.  like their mom.  but spoken advice often sounds preachy.  and it's quickly forgotten.

so i made a a little book.  an instruction manual of sorts.  for growing her wings.

the first page.  an envelope with a letter from mom.  and the pages that follow.  are filled with...

inspiring messages.  to remind her how very, very special she is.  this one was printed from a Brave Girls email.  

and bits of lovely poetry.

reminders of love.  we all need those.

quotes for difficult days.

a permission slip.  this one has nothing to do with school.

a reminder for when things pile up.

drippy paint.  cause i like drippy paint.  and so does she.

and flowers.

wings.  of course.

more notes from the Brave Girls.

and hope.  there can never be too much of that.

i made sure to leave room.  so that i can add on as i find things.  that i know will help.  with the completion of her wings.


  1. thats beautiful! your a great mom. wow! haha, I remember my mom trying to tell me things when I was a young teen. I ignored her mostly, but turns out she was right on most things :)

  2. Gorgeous gift! She will treasure it and I am convinced now that the applique
    butterfly I just laid out will go on my baby pink art~ I made an infant boy and girl outfit. I had the butterfly laying beside it~ Happy Friday to you!

    What a treasured gift from the heart~ Wonderful! She will love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!