Friday, April 4, 2014

a young romantic...

this was just so cute.  my daughters often babysit two adorable little boys.  last week they came over to our house for a change of pace and my younger daughter took them for a trek in our forest.  they came back with a handful of daffodils.  the little one (he's just 4) then did the sweetest thing ever.  he broke one of the flowers off of the stem and called my daughter over.  bend down, he said.  and he put the flower in her hair.  and then he turned around and handed me two for me, he said and one for my older daughter who's away at college.  he asked me sweetly if i would mail it to her.  cuz i miss her, he said.  so, i pressed it in my ikea catalog for a few days and then taped it to this little card to send to her.  a mail surprise.  a little love letter...of sorts...from a young romantic.

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