Wednesday, July 1, 2015

word collector...

her heart had separated from the rest of her body and landed at her feet
 among the scattered rose petals, bleeding.
-elaine hussey

i have this little poetry book by brian andreas...i have a few of his actually...they are fun to leaf through and can find them on amazon, of course.  but anyway, in the introduction of one of his books he said that when he traveled he did not bring home "stuff" from the places he had visited.  instead he collected memories of people and things.  i love that idea...collecting something intangible.  if you read my last post you will know that i am trying to take up less space and this idea works out perfectly with my goal.

  one of my favorite things to "collect" is words.  words i hear or words that i find while i am reading.  when i made myself this journal last year, i decided to fill it with all of the lovely (and not so lovely sometimes) words that i find in my day to day meanderings.  of course, i have added other little treasures as well.  pieces of tattered paper, scraps of old lace and fabric and bits of string and thread.  it is almost full now and it is a little work of art just for me (and sometimes for you)...a treasury of inspiration.

  and it hardly takes up any space at all : )

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  1. I love this idea-I do collect memories and often take photos with my mind's eye. So, lovely, I will check out his books. Thank-you!