Friday, September 17, 2010

fall is in the air...

My 9 year old came home from school yesterday and announced, "Fall is here". "Well", I said, "according to my calendar, the first day of fall is actually the 23rd". To which he replied, "No Mom. The reason I know fall is here is because it was kind of windy today and all day long I could hear acorns plopping on the roof and anyway, have you looked outside? There are acorns all over the place". Oh. Well, I had started a small collection of acorns on my front table, but I guess I hadn't noticed just how many were out there. And, as if to prove it, my daughter went outside and about 10 minutes later, came in to show me a large bucket of acorns she had collected. Now that's a lot of acorns! And further investigation revealed some multi-colored leaves. OK, fall is here. I love fall. The days are sunny and just the right temperature, the nights are cool and lovely, the colorful leaves are so pretty, the acorns so plentiful...Oh, and I love crisp, sweet New York State apples...What you see above is an apple, but it is not a New York State apple and it's just not the same. It is one of the things I miss most about my old home (besides my family of course). When the kids were small, we took many trips to the orchard to pick apples. The best part was picking one of those apples off the tree and eating it right then and there. So, so good. Somebody, please send me some apples!

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