Thursday, March 17, 2011

love and luck and fine tricks...

love and luck to you this St. Patrick's day...I was hanging out in my studio this morning, wearing my most favorite necklace - which was brought to me straight from Ireland by my most lovely and very irish mother-in-law, contemplating leprechauns and other such nonsensical creatures, when I heard a clatter in the living room. Could it be? My youngest set a trap this morning before he set off to school, because in previous years a silly little leprechaun did break into our home and fashioned this little rope ladder, leading to high places, to leave little surprises of gold and chocolate. So I ran out to see...But alas, no migraine this week. Our little trickster left us...a sack of potatoes? But upon further investigation I discovered these are no ordinary potatoes, these potatoes are actually sweet little morsels of sugary goodness. Now that was a fine trick indeed!

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