Tuesday, August 23, 2011

feeling a bit rattled...

literally. a little while ago there was an earthquake here. not a big one. but big enough to scare me. i was here in my little studio working when all of the sudden I heard a loud rumbling and the whole house started shaking. my first impulse was to run outside, but the dog ran straight for the cellar so decided to follow him. animals are really smart about these things. it only lasted a moment or two, but still very scary. i feel a bit calmer now that i've spoken to my husband and all of the schools have called to say the kids are ok. amazingly, nothing fell off my shelves, but then i remembered...it's because of my Quake Hold! which i purchased years ago. not because of earthquakes. because i've never actually experienced one before today. i purchased it to safeguard against my own little earthquakes (otherwise known as toddlers). and it never really got tested until today. it works.

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  1. Yes, I felt it at my home. It was shocking; I have been through them before. I use to live in Alaska, but so odd to have one in this area~ Glad nothing broke and you are okay~