Thursday, August 25, 2011

journal no. 101...

after tuesday's rattling and wednesday's aftershocks, things have settled down a bit. working in this little journal lately. it's actually a journal i messed up on and i didn't want to waste the paper, so i removed the cover and decided to use it for experimenting with gesso and oil paint sticks. it's a nice thick watercolor paper and i love the texture the gesso makes and how the paint settles into the crevices. i don't paint often, i still have lots to learn and usually i'm not this colorful, but it's a nice change of pace. also, it's nice to just noodle around sometimes. i'm not going to sell these, so it takes all the pressure off for it to be wonderful. it's just for plain old fun. and that is a really good thing sometimes. for those of you who also experienced the earthquake, i hope all is well with you.

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