Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i've got rocks on my brain...

i woke up thinking about rocks today. strange, i know. so, the only thing to do was to go to my studio and pull out my bag of rocks. and yes, i really do have a bag of rocks. rocks collected from the shores of Lake Ontario. when my kids were young and we still lived in NY, we went there every year. now we are seasoned travelers. we have been to all sorts of beaches and oceans. nice sandy beaches with warm water. but still, there is a place in my heart that misses the rocky shores and the ice cold water of Lake Ontario. i'm not sure if i really miss that beach. more likely, i am missing that time in my life when my kids were so tiny. when they couldn't wipe out a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries in three days. so anyway, i saw the idea for this little picture holder in my most recent issue of Country Living magazine and i whipped one up to hold my favorite postcard. kind of cute huh?

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  1. Very cute; my son collected rocks when he was younger. My daughter recently had the collection out. Such great memories arrive looking and talking about where he found this and that one. I can relate to your beach memories. I grew up by the bay and have fond memories. When I go back to Maine,I'm not home till my feet hit the shore