Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the best kind of story is the kind you write yourself...

i usually don't like pictures of myself, but i kind of like this one.  it looks like i have a secret.  i am clutching my new journal.  one i actually showed you a few posts back.  i made it to sell, but as soon as i was finished with it, i hugged it to my heart and thought to myself, "this one is mine".  a nice fat, leather journal with thick watercolor paper.  i've managed to fill the first signature in just a week.  with snippets of poetry and inspirational quotes.  and splashes of paint and blotches of ink.  and glued bits of paper and fabric and lace.  i am learning to let go.  of old insecurities and untruths.  i am expressing my passions.  not just with words, but with colors and textures and things that make my heart soar.  and as i turn the pages, i think it is turning out to be the best book i have read in a while.

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  1. I love this photo of you and your pages are so romantic and poetic! I bet you could write poetry ;D
    It is so important to have a place where we can allow the treasures of our soul to gather. Journals are wonderful places to do this! I love mind maps, random things that attract my attention and let my soul whisper to me the stirrings of my heart, what my poetic eye is drawn to. You have a huge poetic eye @>-----