Saturday, November 26, 2011

black friday and holiday joy...

i didn't participate in any of the black friday activities.  why would i need to.  i have my very own black friday and he's just so cute - right?  no middle of the night shopping for this girl.  nope.  i spent the day with my favorite people - decorating the tree with white sparkly lights and glittered pinecones and decking the halls with boughs of holly - literally - we hiked into our backyard forest and cut some fresh boughs of holly, complete with little red berries.  this morning i woke up to these delicious bagels, freshly baked by Cassidy (she really is an amazing cook).  and as this day unfolds before me - with nothing special planned - i am filled with a deep joy.  love for my family.  happiness.  a calm, that i will try so hard to keep in my heart for the next few weeks...   

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  1. I love this post! Your Black Friday is cute :D
    My family decided to venture out at 4:30am. We don't go every year. It wasn't bad; they started
    early on Thursday. I went for the coffee, lol
    I did get a few items for my daughter(she picked them out :D). My son went latter with friends and he said it was crazy. We got in n' out, before it was. You have a lovely family, sounds like an amazing, peaceful holiday! The kind I like best, being with the ones you love~
    Beautiful post!