Friday, November 18, 2011

hideously ugly and gloriously beautiful all at the same time...

if you read this blog at all, by now you know that i frequent antique shops and secondhand shops.  nothing is more exciting for me than finding that perfect item that nobody else wants.  the other day i was out and about and decided to stop by one of my favorite shops.  as i was sifting through a rack of women's plus sizes - i'm not a plus size, but you never know - anyway, a flash of hot pink caught my eye.  upon further investigation, i discovered a pair of pants that were not only hot pink (a really good color in my book - not for wearing - but for creating), but also velvet and also really large.  which equals a lot of pink velvet for very little money.  my first thought was that this was probably the most hideous pair of pants i have ever seen, but then - i don't know if this ever happens to anyone else - but all of the sudden, my hideous thoughts turned beautiful as i thought about all sorts of possibilities for these pants.  did i say, they really are quite large.  so, i plunked down my money and returned home with the most hideously ugly and gloriously beautiful hot pink velvet pants that five dollars can buy.  and right now, i'm thinking a cute bunny or two or three or maybe even four or five.  i recently made the sweet bunny pictured above out of some wool i found in gray and hot pink.  come to think of it, that hot pink wool used to be a hideously ugly and gloriously beautiful coat.  that i actually wore.   once or twice.  so stay tuned for pink velveteen bunnies.


  1. Adorable! I love how you took something ugly and created something with so much charm and cuteness~ Just precious :D