Friday, March 2, 2012

tokens of spring...

today, as i was walking, i gathered up a little bouquet for myself.  as i looked around, i saw little flowers and buds sprouting up here and there.  even though our winter this year was very mild, i'm still excited to see these little signs of renewal.  i love these flowers...i think they have an otherworldly look about them and i couldn't resist taking some time out to snap a few pictures.  i hope your spring is starting off nicely as well.


  1. just stunning- delicately demure petals hide an explosive centre!!
    are they a type of hellebore??

  2. What a beautiful bouquet~ They are magical and so like fireworks, with their surprising centers~

    I'm glad you shared, they do have an out of this world appearance :D

  3. hellebore - i think you're right. i'm not much of a gardener!