Friday, June 22, 2012

a prom and a recital (for grandma)...

grandma pointed out recently that i've been a bit remiss in showing all of the important grandchildren pictures.  i had Cassidy's prom pictures up in a timely manner, but i forgot about the twins.  isn't that always the case with middle children...  the twins had a prom as well or more of a "goodbye and good riddance to middle school" dance.  Erica was asked to go by several young men, but she decided it would be more fun to go solo.  good for her!    

my favorite part was that she also wore her Converse hi-tops with her pretty dress.  i've always wanted to do that!  she really grows more lovely each day...    

Liam is an unusually cool dude.  check out the bow tie and the black dress shirt.  and all that crazy hair.  it really makes the girls swoon.  go figure.

how on earth did he end up with this supermodel for his date??!!??...  was it the hair?

oh, and i thought i better include Jacob in this post as well.  six years of violin.  four whole books of songs.  all memorized.  when they finish a book, they are invited to a special recital at a local college where they get to play a solo of their choice.  i should have taken more pictures - the recital hall is just gorgeous and so fancy with velvet chairs and crystal chandeliers and that big grand piano.  he played Humoresque by Dvorak.  it's a really, really long song and one i love and he performed it beautifully.

so there you go grandma, you are now updated.  

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  1. I love the free spirits, grins and charms of this post! Beautiful~