Friday, June 15, 2012


the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of uncreativeness.  mostly, it's been all about baseball and groceries.  and groceries and baseball.  and groceries.  the kids are all home on their summer break and food has been flying off of my shelves and out of my refrigerator like...well, know when there is going to be a big storm of some sort and people go crazy buying up all the milk and bread and batteries they can find?  like that.  teens.  eat.  alot.

baseball seemed exceptionally long this year and quite intense, i thought, for 12 year olds.  the season started off with a bang on St. Patrick's Day when my little guy got his front tooth knocked out.  it landed right in the dirt and my husband scooped it up, wrapped it in a damp towelette and wisked him off to the ER where they jammed it back into his head, gave him some painkillers and sent him home.  a couple of weeks of milkshakes and two root canals later, it's still in there.  and i'm proud of him for still wanting to play after that experience.  and it was weeks and weeks of practices and games and then the playoffs and then his team made it to the finals.  it took three tries to get that final game in, with lightening and torrential downpours and that sort of thing.  and even though they lost that final game by one little bitty point, my son seemed happy to be free to enjoy the summer.

so, not much time for creativity.  i feel like i've been working on the same projects for weeks without much progress.  probably because i have.  so, i really don't have much to show you.  however, i did manage to scribble in my journal a few times.  mostly snippets of poetry that i found to be uplifting.  and that always, always makes me feel better.  and makes for pretty pictures too!  and now that the summer routine is settling in, i'm hoping to get back to my creativeness and finish up some of these projects.  but, then again, it is a really nice day.  i might need to get outside for some sunshine...


  1. What an amazing spirit your son has to endure and carry on! He went through, a lot for the team and the love of the game! Wow...

    Your journal is beautiful, I love all of the poems and details you shared :D

    Yes, you deserve to go enJOY the sunshine~

    I know this feeling, too...I feel like I have lost my footing a bit, until I adjust to the new schedule~ You are not alone @>-----

  2. what beautiful, gentle, heartfelt, tender pages...
    and bless your son for suffering for his sport - what commitment!!
    enjoy these days with your kids... before too long you'll not see them from morn till night, yet the fridge keeps emptying... :)
    (my son's now almost 17, daughter almost 15)