Sunday, July 8, 2012

i missed you...

i've missed you lately...  that's because i've been without electricity for the past week.  some kind of odd experiment or something you ask.  nope.  our area of Virginia was hit by a devastating storm last Friday.  the kind that comes swiftly in the dark of night.  powerful bands of wind that tore through neighborhoods and knocked down huge old trees and branches, crushing cars and houses.  it was terrifying and in the end most of our city was left without power.  and feeling a bit powerless.

our family was without electricity for five days and i realize now, it's something we've always taken granted.  suddenly we had no refrigerator for our food, no stove to cook on, no washer and dryer for our clothes.  and the night was just so, so dark.  hubby and i were ok without our computer for a few days.  and no TV, that was fine too.  but our kids, they seemed really lost without their facebook and internet and TV.  they cannot remember a time when they didn't have that.  and it made them really cranky.  but the one thing we all missed was our central air conditioning.  if i could of had just one thing, it would have been that or even just a little fan to sit in front of.  we are in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures that have been reaching 105 during the day and such humidity.  a thick, suffocating humidity.  

of course, i am so very thankful that our family made it through with no injuries and only a smashed windshield on our car.  i pray for all of those who were not so lucky.  driving around and seeing all of the took my breath away and sent shock waves to my heart.  i did not take any pictures.  somehow, it just felt wrong to me.  in fact, the only picture that i took during that time was the above picture of a tree in front of our house.  that first day without power i sat under that tree and tried to get cool and to regain my sense of calm.  i tilted my head back and snapped the picture.  it seemed hopeful that it was intact, short a few branches only.  with the blue sky above me and sun shining brightly.  how could you not have hope on such a beautiful day?  the next few days were difficult - no break in the temperatures and no ice to be found anywhere.  i had several migraines, i think maybe caused by dehydration and/or stress, and all i could do was just to lay very still. and when the lights flicked on suddenly, late Wednesday night, we all let out a whoop and a holler.  and we cranked up our air conditioning with such gratitude.  and said a quick prayer for the others, who were still waiting.  and slowly, slowly life returns to normal...


  1. I am so happy to hear you all are ok~ Sad to hear it was so difficult~ It reminds me of the hurricanes I have seen in Florida. It is sad, when you see so much damage! I am happy you are getting your sanity back~ It is amazing what we do take for granted! I'm thankful you are back! ATB

  2. Glad everyone's OK. You should have come up to Syracuse a couple weeks early:)

  3. thanks...i'm hoping for some cool weather in NY