Thursday, July 26, 2012

the long way home...

i have been away for nearly two weeks.  a little respite from my ordinary life.  i think it's important to step away from our lives once in a while.  to experience new things.  and make family memories.  and become inspired.  this vacation offered up a stark contrast of venues.  first, a trip to New York City.  where we walked for miles and miles.  and miles.  and took in all of the sights and sounds and people.    

it's totally amazing how everything is packed together so tightly.  our kids have never been to the city, so we tried to experience lots of different things.  we took the subway.  we had our meals off of the trucks they have on every corner.  made some purchases from street vendors.  we saw everything we could in two days.  we took our daughter to visit NYU.  her first college visit.  a little tear here. 

immediately after the city, we headed to a more pastoral setting.  we stayed at this beautiful horse farm in upstate New York.  so different from the city.  the sounds - of horses and frogs and bugs.  and the colors - the lush green of the fields, the deep blue of the sky and the pinks and purples of the fluffy clouds.  it truly was beautiful and peaceful.

wildflowers everywhere. 

i made a new friend.  i had a previous fear of horses.  they're so big up close, you know.  but this horse...such a gentle soul, this one.

we spent some time at this country lake.  the kids went fishing and swimming and took the canoe all around the lake.  but, here is where i really rested and recharged.  so calming, the soft lapping of the waves.

my daughter plucked me this water lily.

later in the week we headed to a more suburban setting.  but not too suburban...this sandy beach was only minutes from where we stayed. 
we visited with all of our family. aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpa and cousins - lots of cousins.  the kids need their Aunt Diane and Uncle Bob fix.  there were lots of movies in the home theater, bottle rockets in the backyard and fireworks.  there was more fishing for the boys and some antique shopping for the girls.  and another college visit for my daughter.  

the time flew by.  it was so much fun, but after a time i start to miss my own bed and my little corgi dog.  so we packed up our minivan one last time and took the long way home.
nice to see you again...

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  1. Welcome home :D
    So nice to visit elsewhere, be inspired, soothed, and have fun! Then come back to the comforts of home~