Thursday, August 30, 2012

the notes...

even though i can't play a lick of music, i have a deep appreciation for it.
it can be so powerful.  
one song can mean something different for each person who hears it. 

music inspires me.  i listen to music while i work.
  sometimes i like soft music.  sometimes i rock out.   

each of my children play several instruments.
  and to me, there's nothing more endearing than a child learning to play an instrument.
 the wrong notes and weird sounds that come out at first
 and the joy when they figure it out.

what a special talent to be able to write music.  i've heard musicians talk about hearing the notes in their head.  i sometimes see art in my head.  so i understand.

and there is such beauty in the instruments.  have you ever really examined one?  a piece of art, each one.

above is a journal i made, inspired by music.  and on the first page, my favorite music quote, which i'm pretty sure i've shared with you before.  in case you've forgotten.  and a few notes to inspire you...


  1. Beautiful! I love this post~ I play guitar by know you should try to play. Let your kids teach you some chords or notes! I bet you would love it :D
    I need new strings, thanks for the reminder~
    I love this quote; thank you for sharing!

  2. thank you Ellen - my son has learned a few songs just from youtube. i may try as well.

    thanks Louise!