Friday, September 7, 2012

embracing some quiet...

i've been quiet, i know.  i've been busy creating.  collages...i have a few in progress.  this one is just for me.  my studio wall is looking a bit bare.  i think it really looks more like a big journal page.  maybe some more paint and a nice bit of poetry...

i've been very motivated this week and i actually made four new leather journals.  

i've been pasting like crazy in my journal.  no words.  just bits of  found paper and things i've dug out of my recycling bin.  and images i like, in black and white, because my printer is broken, but i kind of like how that looks.

i spent a few hours today in the backyard, getting pictures of my new creations, so that i can list them in my shop soon.  i recently put out a hummingbird feeder and as i took my pictures under the big oak tree, i could see them buzzing back and forth.  they are fascinating little creatures.  my husband also hung my regular bird feeder for me, in a special "squirrel proof" way and now i have so many sweet little birds visiting.  those little things bring me great joy.

i've been doing a little shopping on etsy, purchasing things that i need to create and a few little things that just caught my eye.  perhaps i'll show you my purchases next week, as they begin to arrive.  this pretty stamp came on an envelope with an order of waxed linen thread.

i've been doing lots of deep thinking.  the kind you can only do when it is quiet.  i am experiencing big changes in my life right now and i'm trying to make peace with all of that.  nothing earth shattering, just the progression of life.  but i'm a slow adjuster.  perhaps i'll write about it sometime...

mostly, i've just been trying to treat myself well, by doing the things that i most love to do and making no apologies for it.  because you have to do that sometimes.


  1. I love what you have created! I would love to have a poetry wall ;D Yes, we just have to treat ourselves well and do what we love ;D

  2. Those are some very lovely creations. I love the ones you shared on PU today.
    Sometimes we have to do what makes us happy, or, what is the point in it all. We have hummingbirds here and they are such precious little creatures to watch but then, they mostly all are :)
    Lovely post and, a pleasure to meet you Vicki.

  3. You really do beautiful work! I admire people like Ella and you who are visual artists. I have done some painting in the past, hope to do it again...someday. I know about deep thinking, the kind you can do when it's quiet. And yes, the progression of much to contemplate along the way. You should join us in the poetry blogosphere. I bet you'd enjoy it. Thanks for your comment in my blog; and so nice to meet you.

  4. Lovely journals, with very unique ideas!

  5. What beautiful work you do! I am so glad Ella introduced me to your talent!

  6. thank you all for the compliments! i try to seek the beauty in whatever i do. and all the little birdies make me happy too :)